Hey there, Hasel is the name.
Problems come and go, but I still laugh like Niall, retard :)
Stay pretty, young lady >:D

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Happy Birthday to the world’s best momma! I love you so muuuuch! Mwa! 🎈🎉🎁
15th 20

15 Reasons Why I’m still falling in love with you:

1. You’re not afraid to be goofy with me.

2. You pour your efforts on special days to make me happy.

3. You see your future with me and you’re not scared to tell me all about it.

4. You INSPIRE me.

5. You helped me overcome the awkwardness.

6. You used to give me long sweet and cute TBH statements.

7. You always keep me grounded.

8. You always stay positive for us.

9. You join me in my vanity of taking pictures.

10. You’re always there for me.

11. You don’t get tired of having lambing-lambing moments with me.

12. You’re not afraid to be seen with me.

13. You make me feel special and important.

14. You NEVER gave up on me.

15. You love me.

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." ✏️✒️
A cookie a day keeps the sadness away 🍪
Yes, I’m awesome. Nah, we both are 👏👏👏
"You see, one loves the sunset when one is sad" - LP
She ain’t no princess.
Feel the breeze ⛅️
So there’s this girl…